Road Traffic Accidents

Road accidents account for by far the largest percentage of injury accidents.  Over the years we have conducted a large number of successful claims for car drivers and passengers, cyclists, motorcycle riders and pillion passengers, pedestrians, passengers on public transport and many others.

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Serious Injuries

In most road traffic cases the injured parties recover fairly well and their claims are of moderate value.  Regrettably, other accident victims are less fortunate.   

Josh was riding his motorbike on the road from Penzance to Hayle.  A van driver, coming in the opposite direction, failed to see him and made a right turn across the road into his path, making a collision inevitable.  

 As is so often the case with motorcyclists and cyclists, Josh came off worse and suffered multiple, life-changing injuries.  We secured a large award of damages, including an allowance for necessary adaptations to his home.

(Based on a real case but with name and certain other details changed, to ensure client confidentiality.)

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Uninsured and Untraced Drivers – MIB

In some cases, people who cause road accidents are not properly insured or make off after an accident and cannot be identified. 

Claims can still be made in these cases.  Please follow the link for uninsured drivers and untraced drivers.