Ongoing Claims

Dealing Direct with insurers?

Many insurance companies like to deal direct with you if one of their policyholders has caused you injury.  This can work well for them – they do not have to pay towards solicitors’ fees and often get to settle claims on their own figures.

Dealing direct may not be best for you.  You may not know if you have included all possible parts of your claim, gathered the right evidence or settled for the right figure, to mention just a few areas where claims can go wrong.    

On the other hand, this is what some clients have said after using us for their claims.

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Rachel was in Bodmin, driving around a roundabout, when a larger vehicle collided with her car.  She suffered soft tissue injuries and psychological effects, which proved to be complex and far reaching.

 Rachel started her claim direct with the insurers of the other vehicle.  They accepted responsibility for the accident but failed to accept that her claim was more than a “simple whiplash”.  She asked us to help her.  We took on the claim, obtained appropriate medical reports from three experts and were able to negotiate a substantial settlement for her.

 (Based on a real case but with name, location and other details changed, to ensure client confidentiality.)

Using Other Solicitors?   

Sometimes people contact us because they are already using solicitors or other claims firms but need to change.  (Perhaps the solicitors are giving up personal injury work or the person is not happy with the service they are getting.) 

We do not go out of our way to take clients from other solicitors.  However, if you have good reason to need to transfer, please contact us.  We may be able to help.

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