Tripping, Slipping and Falling

Anna left her local convenience store in Truro carrying shopping bags in both hands.  Outside she walked across a large concrete-filled manhole or inspection cover which was set into the pavement. The cover did not appear out of the ordinary but as she stepped onto the cover it rocked and she was thrown off balance, falling to the ground.  As a result she was left with a permanently disabled wrist and financial losses.

 We investigated and were able to take on Anna’s claim for her.  The Council denied liability at first but eventually settled out of court for a substantial sum in damages.      

(Based on a real case but with name, location and other details changed, to ensure client confidentiality.)

If you have had a tripping, slipping or falling accident which was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries and other losses.

But these claims are not as straightforward as they may sound.  The right evidence, gathered straight away, often makes the difference between winning or losing. Clear photos taken from the right angles, showing accurate measurements – these can often be worth their weight in gold.  So can statements from witnesses of the accident, if any, and witnesses of the previous state of the pavement or other surface.  

If you have been injured in this way, contact us immediately for guidance with no obligation.

This is what some clients have said about us after their claims were completed.